Charlize Theron - Young Adult

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"Hilariously Awkward"
Star Tribune
by Colin Covert
"Darkly funny"
by William Goss
"It's a performance not to miss"
by Kara Cutruzzula
"Bitingly witty performance"
Huffington Post
by Scott Mendelson
& "Deftly smart"
Ain't it Cool
by Capone
"Impressive in the writing, the directing, and the performances from all involved"
Hit Fix
by Drew McWeeny
"The movie’s most potent weapon is, without question, Theron’s consistently engrossing performance, with the actress’ fearless, go-for-broke turn"
Reel Film
by David Nusair
"Juno's wicked step sister"
Star Tribune
by Colin Covert
"Edgy, subversive and hilariously embarrassing"
Star Tribune
by Colin Covert
"Charlize Theron is phenomenal! She lights up the screen from start to finish!"
by Manny DeLa Rosa
"Charlize Theron has never been better"
by David Ansen
"Hits the comedy sweetspot with its hilarious depiction of an adult on the verge of psychopathic depression"
by Mark Adams
"Theron is one grand wretch in Young Adult"
The Philadelphia Inquirer
by Steven Rea
"Young Adult is a challenging dark comedy about a grown-up mean girl"
Detroit Free Press
by Julie Hinds
"Twisted new comedy"
Newark Star Ledger
by Stephen Whitty
"With Juno, Up in the Air, and Young Adult, Jason Reitman has hit three home runs in a row. And the script from Diablo Cody has more depth and nearly as many laughs as her Oscar-winning screenplay for Juno. Everyone in the cast is excellent here, but it’s the gorgeous, mesmerizing, messed-up Charlize Theron who delivers one of the most impressive performances of the year in one of the very best movies of 2011. I give Young Adult an A"
by Richard Roeper
"Theron giving a startling and often hilarious performance"
by Marshall Fine
"Brilliant, brave and breathtakingly cynical"
The New York Times
by A.O. Scott
"3 and 1/2 stars"
Chicago Sun Times
by Roger Ebert
"First-rate cast"
Time Out New York
by Stephen Garrett
"Theron’s unyielding hard-shelled performance is fascinating"
by Kurt Loder
"Here, she’s something like the early-‘80s Bill Murray: a slovenly, spiteful, self-absorbed, snobbish, smart-mouthed case of arrested development"
LA Weekly
by J. Hoberman
"One of the year’s most memorable movies"
by Dan Kois
"It’s an empathetic but bravely brittle portrait of an aging queen bee that showcases a nuanced performance from Theron as a woman too used to being admired to admit how lonely and desperate she's become"
The Onion
by Alison Whitmore
"Reitman nails the culture shock of returning to your hometown after years spent in a big city"
Time Out Chicago
by Ben Kenigsberg
"One of the most fascinating characters of the year"
by Jimmy O
"Genre-busting comedy of the awkward"
by Colin Covert
"Theron conveys both the unthinking entitlement of the (once-)adored and a quavering vulnerability all too evident underneath. It’s an impressive performance that's rarely showy"
The Onion
by Alison Whitmore
"Theron is splendid"
by Richard Corliss
"The movie is a cringefest in the best way possible"
Entertainment Weekly
by Anthony Breznican
"Theron is a comic force of nature"
Rolling Stone
by Peter Travers
"Unique and darkly humorous"
News in FILM
by Jeff Leins
"Wryly amusing scenes"
Pioneer Press
by Chris Hewitt
"Charlize Theron gives a stellar, bitchy, biting, layered, at times moving performance"
In Contention
by Kristopher Tapley
"Hilarious dramedy"
Marie Claire
by Juliann Garey
"Both unnerving and amusing"
Box Office Magazine
by Kate Erbland
"A very smart and witty adult comedy"
The Daily BLAM!
by Pietro Filipponi
"Young Adult is so wrong it’s right. A dark comedy that will have you laughing and cringing at the same time"
by Brad Barton
"Deliberately prickly pic courageously risks offending audiences to arrive at a truth beyond its genre’s normal grasp"
by Peter Debruge
"The film delivers as much drama as comedy in its portrait of Mavis as a thirtysomething woman stalled in life"
Detroit Free Press
by Julie Hinds
"Theron is terrific, exuding a powerful, black-hole sexual chemistry as the boozy, unprincipled and profoundly unhappy Mavis Gary"
by Andrew O’Hehir
"Young Adult Comedy served black, no sugar"
MSN Movies
by Glenn Kenny
"Charlize Theron delivers another Oscar-worthy performance"
Us Weekly
by Eric Andersson
"Oswalt balances Theron’s tartness with a wry, bittersweet turn that gives heft to this dark comedy"
by Alynda Wheat
"Young Adult bumps along with nasty swerves, middle finger proudly in the air, toward an ending blessedly free of anything warm, fuzzy, or optimistic. Nowthat’s adult entertainment. A-"
Entertainment Weekly
by Lisa Schwarzbaum
"Theron and Oswalt make a perfect imperfect pair in Young Adult”"
by Daniel Holloway
"5 out of 5 stars"
The San Francisco Chronicle
by Mick LaSalle
"Charlize Theron and Patton Oswalt are terrific as troubled beauty and sarcastic beast"
Los Angeles Times
by Betsy Sharkey
"Nervy Young Adult dazzles"
Wall Street Journal
by Joe Morgenstern
"Patton Oswalt deserves an Oscar nomination. He’s so heartbreaking, so heartfelt so so perfectly relatable. It’s the role he was born to play"
by Germain Lussier
"Wryly amusing"
by Claudia Puig
"A perfectly observed black comedy"
New York Daily News
by Joe Neumaier
"Downright revolutionary"
The Wrap
by Alonso Duralde
"Oswalt gives a stand-out performance"
by Cole Smithey
"Theron lays bare a bitch with a heart, however bruised and black that heart may be"
Slant Magazine
by R. Kurt Osenlund
"Go see Young Adult because it’s smart and original and well worth your time"
Movie City News
by Kim Voynar
"A surprisingly nervy movie"
San Francisco Bay Guardian
by Dennis Harvey
"The heroine of Young Adult is one of the most compelling and complicated characters ever to show up in a multiplex"
by Rafer Guzmán